Prayer by Sunshine Gaddis

This week’s Stepping into Favor message is a poem written by one of the ladies that we serve in the community……

Prayer written by Sunshine Gaddis

I sit here in my head again
My heart is torn
My soul won’t mend

I’ve tried so hard to be strong everyday
When all I want to do is curl up and go away

I am tormented by these demons inside
Their hands are all around me
Pulling me over to the dark side

I can see the top of the hole I am in but
Then I am slowly being pulled down again

I fight and I claw with all my might
To get to the top
To get to the light

But the more I claw
The deeper I fall

The daylight is there–I can see it with my two eyes
It’d just out of reach so I begin to cry

Please God help me if you are really there
All I need answered is this one simple prayer

Then from above a loud voice came to say,
“Don’t worry my child, your prayer will be answered today.”

I look up to the sky to see a friendly face
With an outreached hand full of God’s grace

I am sending you back to earth with a purpose to fulfill
Never will it be easy but it will always be true

You don’t walk this life of chaos alone like you think
I am always by your side ready to help in a blink

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