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Two Sides to Life

One of the residents at the Center for Addiction Treatment (CAT) painted this picture portraying their life in addiction and their life in recovery. Time spent in addiction is desolate, cold and barren. Recovery fills our life with color, abundance and HOPE.

Driving Out of Darkness

A woman in recovery paints, “Driving out Darkness”. She shared her story of abuse, drug use, and incarceration. She tells me, “Thank you for bringing painting to us. I couldn’t put it into words until now.” She began to smile and said, “I can finally see the light.”

Finding JOY in the Struggle

Finding JOY in the Struggle None of us are guaranteed a life without struggle. Joy is a BRAVE decision on how you will respond to life. No matter how difficult your life may seem remember this, joy runs deeper than despair. Consider this perspective, “Nothing happens to you, it happens for you.” God’s plans are … Continue reading »

Embrace Your Brokenness

Everyone I have ever met is broken in some way. Some have had difficult childhoods; others struggle with mental illness, homelessness, or addiction. There is no such thing as a perfect human being. All human beings endure difficulty of some kind that leaves us less than whole. Today I encourage you to embrace your brokenness … Continue reading »

Choose to Love

Choose to Love Life can be full of frustration, disappointment, and loss. If we are not careful we may respond to life through a lens of fear where our emotions manifest into anxiety, resentment, or negativity. Guard your hearts against such things. Choose love. Choose to see the good in people. Choose to magnify each … Continue reading »


Gandhi said, “ The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.” I imagine everyone has someone in their life to forgive. We forgive people who have harmed us not because they asked for our forgiveness, not because they deserve our forgiveness, but because we deserve peace. When you choose to forgive … Continue reading »

Your God is Near!

God’s love is available to you no matter where you are. Scripture is filled with this promise, “The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” (Psalm 34:18). Invite the Holy Spirit to live inside your heart and to bless you with peace. Draw close to God in prayer … Continue reading »

Happy New Year

Beginning today–let go of struggle and welcome the joy of a new year. Your conditions do not have to be perfect. Create in your daily routine a space for positive thinking and healing. Do this for twenty minutes a day and the universe will reward you. Find your inspiration through conversations with positive people, through … Continue reading »

Love Yourself

Love yourself Your worth is not found in your bank account, relationship status, or your outward beauty. Your worth can be found in God’s love for you. Today, I ask that you can begin to love yourself in a divine way. God knows our brokenness. Scripture tells us, “He heals the wounds of every shattered … Continue reading »

Spread Your Wings

Butterflies remind me that it is never too late to transform ourselves. Transformation can be uncomfortable. It is okay to be uncomfortable. We are one decision away from a different life. At times we may feel like we are falling apart. We are not falling apart- we are in the process of change. We often … Continue reading »