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Knit One, Purl One

My many thanks to Miss Jackie who taught 14 women to knit this evening. She is a talented teacher with the gift of making others feel smart and capable.    

Almost Out of Gas

I did not have a lesson planned for the night. I had a long day where nothing seemed to go my way. I was going to blow off going to the shelter. I was tired, almost out of gasoline, and had no idea what activity I would bring the women. But there was something that … Continue reading »

Jars of Glitter

Last night, along with white canvasses, half empty tubes of paint and tired brushes, I brought glitter for the women to work with. “What should we do with it?” they asked. “Anything” I said. They smiled crooked smiles and laughed out loud, looking at one another. At first they were not quite sure what to … Continue reading »

A day in the life of ART FOR ALL PEOPLE

I leave my house with art supplies around 6:30 p.m. and drive to the homeless shelter.  When I arrive the woman at the desk knows why I am there and buzzes the door open. I walk up the steps through the TV room where women curse at one another over what program to watch. I … Continue reading »